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Bling-Out Your Own DIY Bejeweled Crown Headphones!

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Good Housekeeping’s fashion team loved the awesome crown-like headphones at Dolce & Gabanna’s fashion show. But at $7,000+ a pop, yikes!! In this video, learn how to recreate the look at home with Fashion Director, Kristen Saladino, and GoodHousekeeping.TV editor, Erin Phraner. Plug in your glue gun! Raid your jewelry box! Grab your over-the-ear beats!

This “copy-catwalk” makeover can be made for no cost at all if you upcycle your supplies. Buying new? We used Skullcandy Uprock Headphones ($35, skullcandy.com), beaded headbands ($5, joann.com) and metallic cord ($2, mjtrim.com) to complete the look for under $50, as promised! Dance party is not optional.

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