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Clever Ice Cream Hack Your Summer Desperately Needs

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This genius ice cream hack is about to change the game. In this video, you’ll learn to turn store-bought vanilla ice cream into the easiest custom creations (read: never feel limited to freezer aisle options again)!

Sherry Rujikarn, associate food editor, and our editor Erin Phraner teach you the triple-tested technique for creating “homemade” ice cream from store-bought. Their flavor choices:

Honey-Nut Crunch: Inspired by Salt & Straw in Portland, OR.
Marshmallow Krispie: Inspired by Ample Hill Creamery in Brooklyn, NY

Question: What would your dream flavor be called and what’s in it?
Let us know in the comments below for a chance to be featured on GoodHousekeeping.TV! And make sure to stay tuned for our NEW class “Beginner’s Ice Cream” on 7/22!

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