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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Are Stunned By Carrie Ann Inaba’s Health News on Instagram

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  • December 20, 2022

Carrie Ann Inaba has had quite an eventual few weeks. In between reacting to fellow Dancing With the Stars Len Goodman‘s retirement and her heading to work before the holiday season, she sparked concern amongst fans regarding her health.

On December 13, the former The Talk co-host took to Instagram to share that she suffered an injury whilst building furniture in her home. Lying down on her bed with her dogs, she spoke to the camera about what happened.

“Hey, guys. So, I’m home,” she said in the clip. “I just got back from the urgent care, and I have a fractured rib. Oh, my god. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, that’s my day. How’s your day going? Ooh!”

When Dancing With the Stars fans heard that the TV personality had gotten hurt, they immediately began reaching out to her. Unsurprisingly, many folks swarmed the comments section with nothing but well wishes for Carrie Ann. Still, others were befuddled by the situation.

“Wishing you a speedy recovery. Do whatever you need to take care of yourself,” one person wrote on Instagram. “So sorry to hear this. Hope your rib heals up soon!” another added. “How on earth did you do that? Take it easy,” a different follower said.

‘Dancing With the Stars’

Despite the unexpected injury, Carrie Ann tried to keep a positive mindset about the experience. As she later noted in the Instagram video, she learned a few things while continuing to recover. What’s more, the Dancing With the Stars judge revealed more details about how the incident unfolded.

“No. 1: If you have a broken rib or a fractured rib, you still want to take deep breaths, despite how uncomfortable it is. Because you don’t want to get pneumonia,” Carrie Ann continued. “No. 2: Do not use your chest as a brace to make furniture, like to pull it together to make that little wooden peg stick in the other peg because you can snap a rib. “

As painful as it sounds, it seems like she’s not letting a fractured rib stop her from celebrating the holiday season. The next day, Carrie Ann debuted her Christmas decorations on Instagram and struck a few dance moves with her family shortly after.

Sending all our love to her and we hope she feels better soon!

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