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DIY Lash Extension Pros, Cons & Photos

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  • March 9, 2022

When it comes to eyelashes, I sadly struck out in the gene pool. Mine are short and flat, and they never seem to grow any longer despite my meticulous eyelash care regimen. In an effort to enhance my lashes, I’ve tried everything from eyelash growth serums to glue-on strip lashes to salon extensions. Unfortunately, my eyes are super sensitive, and all of these attempts have irritated my eyes and damaged my natural lashes, which has resulted in — you guessed it — bald spots.

But then I started hearing some great things about Lashify‘s DIY lash extension system. I was excited to try it, but honestly a little nervous, considering my previous lash disasters. But I’m so glad I did because the results were game-changing. My lashes have never looked better, and I’ve finally achieved my perfect no-makeup look. After trying Lashify for one week, I threw away all my old strip lashes and tubes of glue, and made room for my new Lashify Control Kit. Here’s my honest review of Lashify, including before-and-after photos, if it’s worth the money, how long they last for and if you can get them wet.

What is Lashify?

Let me start off by saying that Lashify’s DIY lash extension system is not like salon extensions nor glue-on strip lashes. Lashify works very differently — most notably, the lashes (a.k.a. Gossamers) are applied to the underside of your natural lashes for a more seamless look. The system was also specifically designed for sensitive eyes. Lashify’s formulas are ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic and free of irritants, such as formaldehydes, cyanoacrylates and latex.

Made of pure Korean PBT silk, the Gossamers are lightweight and feathery, so they don’t put stress on your natural lashes. And since they’re applied a couple millimeters away from your waterline, they give space for your natural lashes to breathe and grow. Additionally, the Gossamers are applied with a flexible bond (a.k.a. Whisper Light), which cushions and allows them to follow the natural movement of your lashes. Not to mention, Lashify is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

In sum, Lashify will not damage your natural lashes as long as you apply and remove them properly (and you don’t tug, rub or pick at them while wearing them). I wore them for one week straight, and I didn’t see my lashes fall out beyond their natural rate.

How to prep for application:

To get started with the application, you’ll need a Control Kit, which includes…

    • A Fuse Control Wand, an ergonomic lash applicator tool
    • A pair of Wandoms, protective pieces that slide over the tip of the Wand to keep it from getting sticky
    • Two Gossamers of your choice
    • Whisper Light, a dual-sided lash bond, in both clear and black
    • Glass, a finishing coat to clean up any residual stickiness
    • A built-in mirror

    Tatiana Velasco

    The Control Kit costs $145 — so it’s admittedly pricey to start, but once you bite the bullet, it’s not so bad; replacing the Gossamers, Whisper Light or Glass can range from $20 to $28. Plus, when you buy a Control Kit, you also get a nice storage box to organize your Gossamer collection.

    When ordering your kit, you start by choosing your lash style and length. If you need help finding the right style and length, you can take a quick quiz on the website that will help you find the perfect lashes for your eye shape. I started with a mix of the 10mm and 12mm Amplify Gossamer Lashes to create a more natural look, with longer lashes toward the outer corners of my eyes.

    Once I got my Control Kit, I took about ten minutes just to open it up, play with all the different components and learn what was what. If you’re feeling especially nervous about your first application process, take note that Lashify sells its own dupe (a.k.a. the Practice Pack), which costs $45 (or it’s free with the purchase of any full-price Lashify Gossamer). The pack includes a small tube of practice bond (a.k.a. Bond-X), which is good for a one-day wear, and small tube of Anti-Stix Seal, which removes any stickiness during the application. The Practice Pack also comes with thicker lashes and a practice applicator tool (a lower-quality version of the Fuse Control Wand).

    However, I skipped the Practice Pack, went straight to the Control Kit and found it pretty easy to learn with.

    How to apply Lashify, step by step:

    There are a lot of resources out there to help you master Lashify, many of which you can find on Lashify’s website. These include video tutorials, a Facebook group and even one-on-one training sessions with a pro. But here’s how I applied my Lashify lashes for the first time:

    • Step 1: Prep your lashes. You can use Lashify’s Pre-Cleanse, or you can just wash your face like I did; wait for your lashes to dry completely.
    • Step 2: Apply a light coat of black Whisper Light to the underside of your lashes from the roots to the ends. Let it get tacky (you can use a clean finger or the Fuse Control Wand to feel it).
    • Step 3: Apply a second light coat of black Whisper Light by wiggling the applicator close to the roots of your lashes, approximately where you will be applying the Gossamers (about one to two millimeters from your waterline). Let it get tacky.
    • Step 4: Apply a third coat of white Whisper Light by using the side of the applicator to dab across the roots of your lashes, approximately where the Gossamers will go (again, about one to two millimeters from your waterline). Let it get tacky.
    • Step 5: Pull out a Gossamer from the cartridge with your fingers. Place it on your hand with the lash fibers going upwards. Use the Fuse Control Wand to pick up the tip of the Gossamer, all the way across. Skipping a few lashes on one of the corners of your eye, place the spine of Gossamer on the underside of your lashes, about one to two millimeters away from your waterline.
    • Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until you get close to the other corner of your eye, skipping the last few lashes. Be sure to overlap the Gossamers a little bit, so there are no gaps.
    • Step 7: Use the Fuse Control Wand with the Wandoms to press and seal the Gossamers onto your lashes. If the Wand gets stuck to your lashes, do not suddenly pull it away. Instead, gently blink until it’s free.
    • Step 8: Apply a light coat of Glass to the spines of the Gossamers, using the tip of the applicator. Let it dry, and you’re done!

      To make things even easier, I referenced this Lashify video tutorial, which takes you step-by-step through the whole application process, complete with tips and tricks:

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      Even though there are more steps involved with Lashify than with glue-on strip lashes, I would say that Lashify is an overall easier process. If you regularly use mascara, applying the Whisper Light and Glass won’t be difficult for you. I was also surprised by how easy it was to apply the Gossamers. As long as you wait for the bond to get tacky, they should latch on instantly!

      “Lashify is not hard to use, it’s just different,” says Jill Medicis, an in-house lash expert and Manager of Education & Pro at Lashify. Here, she shares her three golden rules for easy application:

      1. Look down into a mirror while applying. This allows you to clearly see the underside of the natural lash.
      2. A little bond goes a long way. The less bond you apply, the better the lash will adhere. If you apply too much bond (and it looks wet), the lash won’t adhere.
      3. Let the bond get tacky before applying. This will make application easy and the lashes will latch on like Velcro.
        1. My first time using Lashify, my hands weren’t totally steady and the spines of the Gossamers were a little crooked, but I don’t think anyone could really tell. I thought it looked natural, which is what I was going for. However, I did have some trouble with my lashes on the outer corners — they naturally crisscross with some of my bottom lashes, and they got stuck together after I applied the Whisper Light. To fix the problem, I simply used a little bit of makeup remover on a Q-tip to detach them, and for my second application I skipped those last few lashes when applying the bond.

          lashify review before photo
          lashify review after photo

          Medicis told me that as people practice and get better at using Lashify, they will figure out how much bond they need to use to get the longevity they want. If you want to get even more advanced, you can learn how to stack Gossamers. (Some people wear a more natural looking Gossamer during the week and then stack on a bolder Gossamer for the weekend.)

          Another great thing is you can use Lashify with salon extensions, too. “If you are someone who truly loves their lash extensions but hates the idea of gaps or waiting for a fill, you can use our system to do your own at-home lash fill,” says Medicis. “Gossamers are so lightweight that they can still be placed on the underside of the lash, over existing lash extensions, without causing any additional damage.”

          How to maintain Lashify lashes:

          One of the things I personally loved most about using Lashify is that I didn’t have to totally change my routine. I had no problem working out or sleeping with these lash extensions on. But, in case you’re side sleeper like me, it helps to sleep on the very edge of your pillow so that they don’t get crushed.

          It’s also okay to get the lashes wet — you can shower, wash your face or go for a swim. To make my lashes last as long as possible, I just made sure not to get any of my skincare products directly on them. To wash my face, I used a washcloth to help wet my skin, and I avoided applying any cleanser on my lashes. You can also use Lashify’s Black Magic Cleansing Puff to make things a little easier.

          On the second day wearing my lashes, I took them for a test drive (or should I say test swim?) at the beach. I swam in the ocean all afternoon, then I spent the evening hanging out in the pool. They didn’t fall off! Pro tip: Medicis advised me that I should allow my lashes to fully dry prior to any touch ups after getting them wet.

          Another great thing about Lashify is that you can still wear eye makeup with them, including eyeshadow and eyeliner. However, I didn’t feel the need to wear any — the lashes looked gorgeous enough on their own. But take note that the brand does not recommend using mascara with Gossamers.

          “Lashify provides the volume and length users look for in mascara, but without the clumps or the mess,” says Medicis. “If you are searching for a mascara-like look, we recommend trying one of our thicker-fibered Gossamer styles or even stacking the lashes.” Medicis adds that you can use a traditional lash curler, but it probably won’t make much of a difference. Instead, she recommends using a heated lash curler, like Lashicurl, if you want to add more curl to your lashes.

          How to remove Lashify lashes:

          Lashify sells an oil-based make-up remover called Melt Away, which Medicis believes is the best way to remove your Gossamer lashes. “I like to shake it up, put some on a cotton round and hold it over my eye,” she says. “I allow 30 to 60 seconds for the bond to break apart, and the lashes glide right off. Once all the lashes are removed, I make sure to come in and gently glide the cotton round across my natural lash to remove any excess bond.”

          If you don’t have Melt Away on hand, you can use Lashify’s portable Release when you’re on-the-go or another make-up remover. I used my favorite: Pond’s Cold Cream. I gently massaged it on my lashes and let it sit for a minute or two until the Gossamers freely slid off. Then, I rinsed and used my regular face cleanser.

          How long do Lashify lashes last for?

          If you are looking for longevity, it depends on the type of bond and how much you use. When you first start out, you may get two to three days out of your Gossamers. But once you get better at applying the bond, your lashes can last three to five days. Officially, they’re designed to last up to 10 days, and Medicis says that some users have even been able to wear them for two full weeks. If you want your lashes to last longer, you can try Lashify’s extra strength bond, which is called Bondage. However, your lifestyle, your lash maintenance and your genetics play a big role in how long your Gossamer lashes will last (oily lids dissolve the bond faster). Mine lasted three days, which was pretty good considering my newbie status.

          Can you reuse Lashify lashes?

          “Gossamers were made for one-time use due to their delicate nature which prevents damage to the natural lash,” says Medicis. “However, about 80% of our customers use isopropyl alcohol to clean their lashes. We call this ‘lash laundry.’”

          I tried this out for myself, and I can confirm that reusing Lashify Gossamer lashes is possible. Although after round two, the Gossamers started to break apart, and I had to pull out a set of fresh ones.

          How to clean Lashify lashes for reuse:

          Cleaning the lashes was surprisingly easy. After I safely removed them, I soaked them in 90% isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes. Then, I used a clean makeup brush to gently scrub off any leftover residue and left them out to dry completely before I reapplied them. I was thrilled to get three more days out of them.

          Is Lashify worth it?

          The bottom line: Applying Lashify was so easy, and the results were absolutely stunning. Anyone can wear them, and they are great for all occasions, from the office to vacation. I also loved the product presentation — just holding it in my hands felt so luxurious. But most importantly, these lash extensions didn’t irritate my eyes or damage my natural lashes. In fact, they felt very comfortable — I barely noticed they were there. Hands down, Lashify was the best experience I’ve had so far on my lash-enhancing journey — I think it’s absolutely worth the money.


          • The lashes are high-quality
          • The application process is quick and easy (once you learn it)
          • It’s sensitive eye-friendly — no irritation or damage to your natural lashes
          • There are dozens of lash styles, lengths and even colors to choose from
          • You can choose how long to wear the lashes (officially, up to 10 days) and remove them at any time
          • It’s okay to get them wet
          • They are reusable (unofficially)


            • It’s expensive to get started
            • It takes some time to learn technique
            • Lashify’s vocab can be confusing when you’re first starting out

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