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How to Make DIY Animal Planters Out Of Trash | GH

House Cleaning Tallahassee – Happy House Cleaning > House cleaning > How to Make DIY Animal Planters Out Of Trash | GH

Bored at home? Recycle an old soda bottle to create an adorable animal plant pot!

0:05 Draw an animal outline on a clear, plastic bottle with a dry erase marker.
0:08 Cut out the outline with scissors.
0:12 Wipe off the dry erase marker outline from the cut-out bottle.
0:14 Coat the bottle with acrylic paint and let dry.
0:20 Draw on your animal’s face with paint pens and permanent marker.
0:26 Pot your plant inside the planter with potting soil.

2-liter soda bottle
Dry erase marker
Acrylic paint
Paint pens
Permanent marker
Potting soil
Small plant

Use a box cutter to poke a slit in the bottle before cutting out the animal outline with scissors.
Optional: You can also use the box cutter to create small drainage holes on the bottom of the bottle.


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