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How To Tidy A Home Office With Marie Kondo

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With more of us working from home, setting up a home office and keeping it tidy is more important that ever. Marie Kondo shares her tips and tricks for keeping your workspace clutter free and tidy so you can stay focused. For more organization tips click here:

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  1. I wish my life was as perfect as YOURS! I cannot even begin to describe how bad my life is, including paper clutter. Hate my existence. Wish I had a perfect like you YouTube creators. I should never have been born!

  2. 1. you should separate items into categories when tidying up, beginning with the most NUMEROUS type of item.
    (usually books for most offices)

    2. documents

    3. Komono // misc items & accessories.

    4. Items of personal significance

    5. address which item sparks joy

    1. Store items in trays / containers
    2. give items dedicated spaces if used frequently.
    – –

    1. lined items neatly
    2. organized items so you can easily find them.

  3. Thanks Marie and Good Housekeeping.
    My desk area is pretty tidy but I have problem shelf just above my desk that keeps taunting me to sort it out and under my desk is cable management hell. as well as other odds and ends that have ended up there! This video has given me some strategies to use to sort both areas out once and for all.
    Wish me luck!

  4. That was nice. It wasn't like a lot of organizing videos that just look like someone dumped the dirty clothes hamper on the floor. That looks like a real, honest to God mess! But it's very attractive. Thanks.

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