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Mother & Daughter Test A $599 Makeup Printer Of The Future | Good Housekeeping

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Jess is joined by her mom Sue to test out the state of the art Opte Precision System. The Opte digitally scans your skin, analyzes your complexion, camouflages age spots and hyperpigmentation while fading them over time thanks to the serum included. Find out if this high-tech device is a beauty game-changer. For more information about the Opte system visit their site https://fave.co/3mSvrfW

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  1. I wish they would make home device that erases jowls and sagging and lifts lower face. Discoloration and wrinkles age a person sure, but sagging jawline changes the whole face and can't be hidden with makeup. Maybe in the future they'll come up with something like that!

  2. I am 62 years old and I am so impressed by the both of you. Sue, I am like you and with the cost of surgery, the price of this gadget is relatively cheap. You have convinced me to purchase this. I also have sun damage on my face. And since I really was never a sun bather when I was younger, this product will work for me. My question is, how often did you have to get a refill? And how Much? Sue you look Beautiful and Natural!

    UPDATE! I received my OPTE! Beautiful Packaging. I have been maintaining a skin cream regimen for 3 months now. My sun spots have slowly started to fade. With that said, I am so glad I made the choice to purchase Opte! After watching many videos, application is a snap in 3 to 5 minutes. Thats it and SO—-Natural. I don't like foundation. This is worth Every Penny! Thank You for your review.

  3. You two did amazing!!! I wish it was more like 300.00 but I think I’m going to get it after all. Thanks for this video! Hopefully the cartridges refill go down in price eventually.

  4. This is cute but definitely not worth 600$ lol, 20 mins for one side of the face? Just buy some dark spot serum and rub it on yourself lmao

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