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Testing Viral TikTok Food Hacks To See If They Work | Good Housekeeping

House Cleaning Tallahassee – Happy House Cleaning > House cleaning > Testing Viral TikTok Food Hacks To See If They Work | Good Housekeeping

We found some of the most watched food hacks on the internet and gave them a try to see if they’re really worth your time. The Good Housekeeping team takes on peeling apples with a power drill, moldy mozzarella, burnt cookies and even making grilled cheese with an iron. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these!

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  1. When I was a youngster my home did not have air conditioning. We lived in the south (Mississippi) so summers were quite hot and humid. When my mother purchased milk at the store she would add about a quarter teaspoon of salt to a newly opened FRESH container of milk to keep the milk fresh longer. I also had five older brothers who would drink milk with every meal or snack–and they could be depended upon to leave the milk carton on the counter from time to time. Don't remember ever having sour milk. But never did she salt sour milk or serve it to the unsuspecting.

  2. The "ironing a sandwich wrapped in foil" trick actually causes aluminum particles to stick to your food so you're eating micro bits of the metal in each bite. One such sandwich probably won't hurt, but if you were to eat those foil-pressed sandwiches every single day, you could literally get aluminum poisoning. And as you demonstrated, the other option ruins the iron, so definitely a no on all fronts…

  3. Entertaining, but a missed opportunity for useful instruction.

    1) Salt in spoiled milk: Nothing will un-spoil milk. Maybe salting fresh milk will make it last longer before spoiling. 
    2) Using a fork as a guide for cutting a tomato: Just use a very sharp chef's knife and proper technique. 
    3) Using a drill to peel an apple: Of course a drill bit will just spin inside the apple. You would need to fabricate flat or forked bit. Or just use an old fashioned, hand crank apple peeler.
    4) Ditto the testers.
    5) Peeling garlic: This definitely works if you do just a couple cloves at a time. Filling the jar with cloves creates padding.
    6) Making a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron: Yes, it will work if you do it right. Obviously it will wreck your iron if you don't use foil.

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