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We Help TikTok Star Anthony Michael Barajas Make A Valentine’s Day DIY Surprise | GH

House Cleaning Tallahassee – Happy House Cleaning > House cleaning > We Help TikTok Star Anthony Michael Barajas Make A Valentine’s Day DIY Surprise | GH

Tik Tok star@Anthony Michael joins our resident experts to check out some Tik Tok DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. Jess, Shanon and Becca give Anthony some tips on making a DIY for his “special friend” Hadleigh as well! For more of our Tik Tok hack reviews click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAcxPev3Lf4&list=PLPzXoCgS5eJ3zsaBDBm0qiUaawAtNOSe-
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  1. He kinda looks like Noa Centineo. He was so handsome. May he Rest In Peace. He had his whole life. Life is so unfair. Not just for him but other people dying so young, who have amazing aspirations all to just be taken away one unfortunate day. Meanwhile so many people just waste their life away by doing damaging things to one self and others.

  2. always the same story, at high schools, cinemas, top of a building or just on the streets. This is what americans deserve for defending their "freedom" to freely get and carry guns.

  3. My prayers go to Anthony Barajas and Rylee Goodrich and their families🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 .. Taken too soon by a senseless act of violences it pisses me off, and saddens me because there isn't enough gun control or least more security guards theaters…

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