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WWE Superstars Mike “The Miz” and Maryse Mizanin Show Us Their Perfectly Organized Pantry | GH

House Cleaning Tallahassee – Happy House Cleaning > House cleaning > WWE Superstars Mike “The Miz” and Maryse Mizanin Show Us Their Perfectly Organized Pantry | GH

WWE Superstars Mike “The Miz” and Maryse Mizanin give us a private tour of their beautifully organized and fully stocked pantry. Make sure to check our Mike and Maryse in the latest episodes of their reality series “Miz and Mrs”, Mondays on USA Network.

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  1. Naomi be over there in a heart beat. with these Oreo and candy cake stuff jimmy won’t let her. he will keep her on a diet. Maryse is the other way around.

  2. I luv these 2 …truly hilarious!!!!!! Kind of wondering something though……why haven't they hired a night nanny/nurse??
    I'd love to work for them, I'd even pull weeds

  3. Ive been wanting to try the collagen supplement with my protein supplement…… anyone know if it's beneficial????? I'm just like maryses too, no soy gluten rice & soy….I do better w/ apple cider vinegar daily& prune juice ….I cut out red meat so basically I did feel better after cutting out these things– if anyone sees this , please comment about collagen supplements?!!!! Thank you—- you guys are a great couple,it's nice to see an authentic family!!!!!

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