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I Tried To Make A 108-Year-Old Lemon Gelatin Mold | Toaster Time Machine | Good Housekeeping

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Join Becca on her mission to uncover hidden gems in the Good Housekeeping recipe archives as she travels back through the ages with our Toaster Time Machine. This week we’re going back over 100 years to test a “tasty new sandwich filling” (it’s like a twist on a PB&J), cantaloupe filled with corn flakes and a lemon flavored gelatin mold with a very special hidden surprise inside.

Find out if our vintage recipes stand up to our modern tastes and let us know in the comments what time period you’d like us to visit next.



  1. Could you just make this a full length show that happens frequently? Get old cook books that are family heirlooms or just published stuff like the joy of cooking from 1920 and just make stuff like that? I really enjoyed this. I always wondered how they really did those jellos…

  2. This is the most entertaining thing I have seen in weeks! Becca's narration throughout the whole thing is hilarious. I rewatched it twice already and went searching for more! lmao you need to do more of these!

  3. Next for the Toaster Time Machine: any century when Ireland was cultivating potatoes (probably best to stay pre-famine). Why? Because the average person consumed 8 lbs of potatoes a day! It was used in so many ways and in so many dishes.

  4. Maybe if you kept your opinion of the items you are making until it's completely assembled would not be so off putting. Could not watch until the due to the negative comments. It's just me everyone else is probably fine with it.

  5. I think if you used plantains the banana and bacon would be good. And they aren't supposed to have the peels left on 😂

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